NFT Games: Log in to Play and Earn $100 per day

There is no gainsaying that the advent of NFT games is steadily becoming thin in the world of GameFi, which is a blend of gaming and finance. Also, as more and more people pay attention and play, earning makes the gaming experience much more enjoyable. Each character in the game also supports building and development while acquiring practical skills for better results.

For instance, players can earn items, and other in-game contents exchanged for real value cryptocurrencies. Of course, it depends on the selected theme and the title you are playing per time. There is hardly currently a bigger hit in the market that involves the best works of artists and game developers than what the NFT gaming experience is doing. 

And unlike conventional crypto trading, non-fungible coin tokens have different values based on their popularity. Not only are they unique in their own way, but they are also unreplaceable, except a transaction takes place via the blockchain network. Moreover, ate higher the demand, its value also rises and can therefore be sold at a higher rate inside the game or at independent public marketplaces.

Consequently, artists and game developers who integrate their designs into the blockchain system now provide the best platforms where you can earn more money. Below is an excerpt from some of the essential titles to play to make at least $100 per day. So, what if you can earn up to $100 per day from the blockchain gaming system. Click here to learn more about the blockchain gaming system.

Let’s dive in.


SPlinterlands refer to one of the best NFT games that you can play and begin to earn big each day. According to TheProdigy, a viral YouTuber’s analysis, you can use this title that relies on trading to trade digital in-game rewards in the form of cards. As you carry out the conventional method in the game, you can also build a stockpile of these game cards in the form of collectibles.

Lost Relics

The Lost Relics NFT game is another good option for choosing the NFT game for earning big. This platform can provide you with a tremendous opportunity to trade in crypto tokens and make a profit of not less than $100 per day. It also involves fighting monsters, invading dungeons, completing quests, and collecting some of the rarest items in the universe. The version of this game that can generate the intended revenues is based on blockchain technology to play to earn. Learn more about it at

Town star

The Town star is a competitive farming platform developers made after the regular “Farmville” and the “Words with Friends” venues. However, the game requires that the teach player complies with the game’s six-day cycle to reset the world map. In the end, all players will reset their achievements and be refreshed for another task or project. Also, the 6-day cycle represents a completer turn where the most productive of all the gamers receive their rewards of gala tokens, NFTs, and even more.

Axie Infinity

Although Axie Infinity is quite well-known for its investment cost, it still remains one of the best NFT games you will ever see. It comes with an unbeatable characteristic of generating a steady income for all players. It could also further change their status based on the AXS ranking. As a result, it is straightforward for each player to make up to $100 per day when playing this game.

Meanwhile, a unique feature that can further happen is the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) that they acquire. Each person that generates these SLPs can either sell or trade them at the end of a cycle. Otherwise, they can sell their own characters and accept another, depending on the terms of the demand.


The Sorare gaming experience is similar to what you have on the fantasy football game. But the fundamental concept here is to gather a collectible of game cards through the rare system of typical NFT games. At the same time, it uses the real names of football players worldwide. With this special uniqueness of the NFT, it can create its own virtual reality made of virtual football teams.

When the players have built a ready team, they can compete with other gamers in different but active leagues. They also accrue cryptocurrency that can become highly valuable in or outside of the game in marketplaces as they win and earn points. 


SpacePort' NFT Game: Play-to-Earn Arcade, How to Earn NFTs — Possible to  Earn $28 in 2 Hours? | Tech Times

The experience of first-time players on NFT gaming platforms with blockchain may be overwhelming. So, newcomers should start from a less complex but straightforward platform. And that is what SpacePort provides to game players and investors. SpacePort, by the way, is a play-to-earn NFT game within classic arcade gameplay.

This game is linked to the Binance Smart Chain through a SpacePort Coin. And it is pretty different from the others that are available to gamers. One significant benefit of choosing this game among the available NFT games is the potential earnings that players can make. For example, players can get up to 20% of their total holdings on a typical day.

For example, if you begin the day with $100, you can make an extra $20 as the least from the platform. Amazingly, this revenue is achievable in just 2 hours of active game playing. The game concept is also that of shooting. The target is in-game adversaries, and the player uses a spaceship to blast all the obstacles and enemies. 

Free-to-Play NFT Games Titles 

The NFT gaming titles require the new players to make an initial deposit before gaming begins. But there are others you can play for free and start to earn, especially if you are a new gamer with some doubts about where to invest your money. These unique free platforms are often referred to as the Play to Learn gaming platforms. And below are some of the best free-to-play NFT games you can try out. 

  • Crazy Defense Heroes
  • Gods Unchained
  • Games
  • Guild of Guardians
  • MegaCrytoPolis