Three Days Grace
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Текст песни Lost In You

13 Апр 2011

I always knew that you’d Come back to get me And you always knew that It wouldn’t be easy To go back to the start To see where it all began Or end up at the bottom To watch how it all ends You tried to lie and say I was everything I remember when [...]

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Текст песни World So Cold

01 Апр 2011

I never thought I’d feel this Guilty and I’m Broken down inside Living with myself Nothing but lies I always thought I’d make it But never knew I’d Let it get so bad Living with myself Is all I have I feel numb I can’t come to life I feel like I’m frozen in time [...]

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Текст песни Break

13 Мар 2011

Tonight, my head is spinning I need something to pick me up I’ve tried but nothing is working I won’t stop I won’t say I’ve had enough Tonight, I start the fire Tonight, I break away [Chorus:] Break away from everybody Break away from everything If you can’t stand the way This place is Take [...]

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Текст песни Bitter Taste

04 Мар 2011

Just let me say one thing I’ve had enough You’re selfish and sorry You’ll never learn How to love As your world disassembles Better keep your head up Your name, Your face is All you have left now Betrayed, disgraced You’ve been erased So long, so long I have erased you So long, so long [...]

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