Three Days Grace
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Перевод песни Chalk Outline

12 Авг 2012

Перевод Chalk Outline – Очерченный мелом контур Я проклят, я распят Я разбит теми, кем был спасен… Я истерзан, я абсолютно раскрыт Я уничтожен теми, кем, думал, был любим… Ты бросила меня здесь словно очерченный мелом контур На тротуаре, в ожидании дождя, который должен смыть меня… Вновь и вновь ты возвращаешься на место преступления Но [...]

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Текст песни Chalk Outline от Three Days Grace

10 Авг 2012

I’ve been cursed, I’ve been crossed I’ve been beaten by the ones that get me up I’ve been cut, I’ve been opened up I’ve been shattered by the ones I thought I loved. You left me here like a chalk outline On the sidewalk waiting for the rain to wash away. You keep coming back [...]

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Текст песни Life Starts Now

01 Сен 2011

You say you feel so down, Every time I turn around You say you should’ve Been gone by now, You think that everything’s wrong, Ask me how to carry on, We’ll make it through Another day Just hold on Cause life starts now, You’ve done all the things That could kill you somehow And you’re [...]

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Текст песни Let It Die

01 Сен 2011

We had fire in our eyes In the beginning I Never felt so alive In the beginning you You blame me but It’s not fair when you say that I didn’t try I just don’t want to hear it anymore I swear I never meant to let it die I just don’t care about you [...]

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Текст песни Overrated

25 Авг 2011

Worn out and faded The weakness starts to show They’ve created the generation That we know Washed up and hated The system moves to slow They give us answers To questions they don’t even know You made it You played it Your shit is overrated You made it You played it Your shit is overrated [...]

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Текст песни Goin’ Down

29 Июл 2011

Took me down to the river So I could Drown, drown, drown Looking up through the water I kept sinking Down, down, down I feel like I’m dying I got one foot in the ground Never knew what love was Until you came around You’re going down You’re going down down You walked all over [...]

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Текст песни Get Out Alive

29 Июл 2011

No time for goodbye he said As he faded away Don’t put your life in someone’s hands They’re bound to steal it away Don’t hide your mistakes ‘Cause they’ll find you, burn you Then he said If you want to get out alive Hold on run for your life If you want to get out [...]

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Текст песни Take Me Under

27 Июл 2011

Now it seems I’m fading All my dreams are not worth saving I’ve done my share of waiting And I’ve still got nowhere else to go So I wait for you to Take me all the way Take me all the way Seems you’re wanting me to stay But my dreams would surely waste away [...]

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